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For the sake of ensuring the emergence of a positive development for Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology in Indonesia and to ensure it is in line with the Indonesian law, it is time for Bitcoin users like us to come together and unite our voice in order to discuss, promote, and protect our interests regarding the development of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies in our homeland.

Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia (the Blockchain Association of Indonesia, or idBitcoin), appears as a special form of association for all the Bitcoin users in Indonesia with a vision to legalise the use of Cryptocurrency and ensure it to be used positively in the country.

Asosiasi Bitcoin Indonesia

Our Mission

To foster an open and clear dialogue between the regulators and the Cryptocurrency community in Indonesia.

To provide a united public voice and platform for the Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency community in Indonesia to share their critics and personal opinions.

To build and nurture Cryptocurrency startups and businesses in Indonesia to become companies that will be able to compete in the global stage.

To promote education and socialise the use of Cryptocurrency to the Indonesian society on regular basis.

To straighten out misunderstandings and bad perceptions related to Cryptocurrency that are spreading on the minds of the Indonesian people.

To promote the use of Cryptocurrency in Indonesia as a new and much more efficient method to transfer money between countries.

To become the most updated source of news and information regarding the development of Cryptocurrency in Indonesia as well as in the global world.

To use Bitcoin as a new payment method that can be used by vendors and merchants in Indonesia similarly like credit/debit cards or other forms of electronic money that is based on Indonesian Rupiah.

What is Bitcoin ?

Bitcoin is the first, the strongest and the most popular digital currency that has ever existed in the cyber world. With its market cap reaching 5 billion US dollars (2015), Bitcoin is being widely used by millions of people in the world. Bitcoin has now become one of the most efficient methods for global society to transfer money anywhere, to any country and anytime they want, without having to depend on any third party such as banks, financial institutions, companies or governments.

Bitcoin Community in Indonesia

Although it is not the biggest one yet, Bitcoin already has its own community in Indonesia and is gaining more and more members every day. Only within 2 years, there are already more than 100,000 people registered on the biggest Bitcoin exchange in Indonesia and they have been trading actively using Rupiah as their main currency. Special events such as Bitcoin forum discussions, meet ups, seminars or even film festivals have been organised in different cities in Indonesia every months to discuss about the latest news regarding Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in both national and global scales. And just like in other countries, there are more than 100 merchants in Indonesia that have been accepting payments in Bitcoin, based on the local currency: Rupiah.

Bitcoin Regulation in Indonesia

One of our biggest missions is to foster an open and clear dialogue between the regulators and the Cryptocurrency community in Indonesia. As a Bitcoin user, we need to help our government understand both the positive and negative aspects of Bitcoin, and help them finalise a kind of regulation that is suitable to be applied in Indonesia and one that can benefit us all.

Regulasi Bitcoin Indonesia

Join Us

Become a member of our association today and voice your opinions here. Be the first person to know the most updated news about the development of Bitcoin in Indonesia and be a part of our team to make the change. Join us in the latest Bitcoin events near your city and let’s join our hands together to build a bigger Bitcoin and Blockchain community in Indonesia!

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